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Thank you for your interest in Silver Spoon Foundation scholarships, founded by Urban Professor. Please review the below scholarship details to apply for our scholarships.

The Silver Spoon Foundation 501(c)(3) believes that there is much promise in the globally connected, technologically enabled, socially aware and otherwise uninhibited mind of today's diverse emerging professional. It is with this promise and hope that we set forth on an ambitious mission to meet your focused and committed efforts to succeed with a system of community and peer support that more closely puts you to your goals and dreams where typical cost prohibitive obstacles such as air travel costs, event attendance fees and lodging costs might have prevented.

Think of it as... you lift the heavy weights and we'll spot you, or better yet, peers of and supporters of the Young & Driven will spot you. It is important to note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to find, research and secure the internship opportunities or researching and planning for the conferences, etc. You will find a bevy of resources on the Silver Spoon Foundation and Urban Professor sites to assist you. Please review scholarship details and criteria prior to completing a scholarship application to ensure that you are indeed qualified. If you are indeed qualified, no need to wait any further, your dreams are to be filled in reality not theory. Let’s get it.

Please upload your recommendation letter(s) and short essays via the links provided below:

Scholarship Submission Information:

  1. G.P.A.
  2. Expected Graduation Year
  3. Street Address
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  5. State
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  7. Email Address
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  9. U.S. Citizen?
  10. All applicants must sign-up for free to Urban Professor to be eligible for a Silver Spoon Foundation scholarship.
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  11. Occasion Scholarship Needed:
  12. Date of Occasion
  13. Scholarship Needed for (choose one):
  14. How many credit hours do you have?
  15. Current College Major:

  16. Upload Reference

  17. (Uploaded pictures will solely be used for transparency of applicants for donors. Uploaded pics will not be used for our selection criteria of scholarship candidates.)
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  18. Pick a controversial problem or issue that impacts millennials and suggest a solution. The chosen problem or issue can be specific to your campus or current events.
  19. Describe your most meaningful achievement and how it relates to your field of study and/or future career goals.
  20. How has your education contributed to who you are today?
  21. Choose a book that has impacted your career/life outlook and explain why?
  22. What does "Self Made. Peer Supported." mean to you?
  23. In your best judgement and based on the event description, how do you feel that the event you are applying for a scholarship to attend will enhance your career readiness?

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